Executive Board

Lauren Ellison
President, Conductor

Hello! I’m a junior majoring in Applied Math with minors in Comp Sci and Linguistics. I’ve been playing violin for WUPops since Freshman year and can’t wait for another year of awesome music and even weirder metaphors! I grew up in Tomball, TX (a suburb of Houston) which is known for two things: food and traffic. When not in rehearsals, you can find me eating or studying in close proximity to food, playing board games, working as an RPM (yay calc!), or helping out with AWM or math circles.





Ethan Weiner
Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Ethan Weiner, and I am the VP of WUPops for the 2018/2019 school year. Violin is my instrument of choice, and I have been playing since I was 7 years old. I am a Biology major with a Biochemistry concentration, and when I’m not complaining about my work, I really enjoy practicing the exciting WUPops repertoire.




Claire Schaibley

Hi everyone! I’m a premed junior studying biology. A year ago, I joined the WUPops clarinet section. I’m so excited to have a position on exec board this year. My favorite things to do in St. Louis are go to concerts and watch a Cubs-Cards game at Busch Stadium.






Lily Wu

Hello! I’ve been studying Japanese and biology for the most part at WashU. I’m the WUPops secretary, which basically means I send a lot of emails. I joined the violin section of WUPops at the start freshman year, and will continue in my junior year as well. Join us for a weekly break from classes/work and inside jokes!







Evan Piña-White
Social Chair

Hey everyone, my name is Evan Piña-White, and I play the violin. I’m a sophomore studying Biology, who came to WashU because of the great science program, its proximity to my hometown, and the ludicrous amount Pokemon Go Pokestops on campus! If you ever want to discuss details about social events and planning, just talk to me, I don’t bite!







Victoria SandringVictoria Sandring

I am a Biology major and Ancient Studies minor. I intend to get a PhD in Genetics after I finish my undergrad studies. I enjoy playing games with my friends and spending time with my family. I have played clarinet in WUPops my entire time at Wash U and I really like the ensemble.






Jacob Sprague

My name is Jacob Sprague. I am a senior physics and mathematics major from Saint Joseph, MO. I have been the pianist in WUPops since my sophomore year and have been a conductor since my junior year. This is my short biography. The full autobiography of my life will be coming to a bookstore near you in about 60 years, and the film adaptation will be produced shortly thereafter.






Ted Flaherty

Howdy! I am a sophomore majoring in Physics with minors in German and Music. I play the viola (aka the bigger violin), and I’ve been in WUPops since fall last year. In addition to that, I am also on club wrestling. I am passionate about music, and am looking forward to being one of the conductors and pretending to look cool with a b